Moonshots happen

They are born of a moment, a spark. Passion is their fuel. Built on creativity and collective efforts. Crafted to perfection, and designed to captivate dreams. They inspire change and trigger a multitude of what ifs. 

Moonshots say it can be done. It starts with a spark, then designed, and finally presented.

Moonshots are made, we just design the slides.

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing of 20 July 1969, we're offering the first 50 presentations for half off.


The next big thing is around the corner, or as we'd like to think, on the next big slide. And we want to be the ones that design those slides. We believe ideas can change the world. Some just need a designers touch, and a bit of storytelling to get there.

Let us help you make an impression and create more moonshots.

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